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Col. Chuck Rodin, Auctioneer

"All right boys, here we go
10, 20, do I hear 30....,"
the famous words of one auctioneer
Those words are a trademark of
Colonel Charles Rodin auctioneer for the past 56 years!

Colonel Charles Rodin
presented into
Auctioneer Hall of Fame

For his achievements as a dedicated auctioneer and his 32 consecutive years as a supporter of both the North Dakota and the National Auctioneer Associations, Col. Charles (Chuck) Rodin was presented with a plaque and entered into the Auctioneer Hall of Fame at the 45th Annual ND Auctioneering Convention held in Jamestown, ND January 31, February 1 and 2, 1997.

Chuck Rodin was born and raised in the Litchville and Marion, ND area and started auctioneering at the age of 17. Where did he learn the skills of an auctioneer? He says, "What you'd call hard knocks out behind the barn school." At the age of 7 or 8 he was sitting in on cattle sales listening to Auctioneer Alton Buckles at the Jamestown Livestock. Buckles was a role model for Chuck. He remembers sitting on a tractor repeatedly practicing the trade of selling, selling, selling!

Chuck recalls the first item he ever sold, a cast iron stove. It was in 1959 at a sale for the Catholic Church in Jamestown, ND, while working for auctioneer Ted Anderberg.

Chuck began selling solo at pie and basket social benefit auctions that lead to household and farm auctions and later at auctions at Edgeley Livestock, Edgeley, ND.

Chuck continued auctioneering with many other area auctioneers, and has been on his own for approximately 48 years. Rodin's Auction and Clerking Service of Marion, is a family owned and operated team.

Chuck's wife, Carol, has been Rodin's Auction Clerk for 35 years. He credits his wife for placing first in the state for advertising two years in a row 1987 and 1988. She placed second in 1985. Rodin's Auction was ND Champion Merchandise Auctioneer in 1980 and received second in 1987.

Chuck's says, "We have sold just about everything, from soup to nuts, and things we didn't even know." He says he's done as much as 150 auctions in one year. One mistake he says he has made, is not keeping a count of how many auction sales he has worked!

He has traveled as far as 200 miles to South Dakota for auctioneering. His most memorable sales are those of Paul Hilscher, Jerry Boom, both of Litchville, ND, and Tom Waldie of Marion, ND. The Maynard Tvedt auction, in Marion, ND was his biggest antique sale which included Indian relics and dishes over 100 years old and the list always goes on......

Outside of being a well-known auctioneer, Chuck grew up with farming and continues to farm. His other interests include shooting pool, pinochle, bowling, hunting and basketball.

Chuck's family consists of his wife Carol, two daughters; Melissa Rodin of Kathryn, Lynette and Kevin Hanson of Brocket, ND, and two grandchildren, Patrick and Brandon.

"It's been many hours of hard work", said Chuck. Our success wouldn't have happened without the support of the community and my family"

••••Rodin Auction was also presented with a plaque for "First Place, Color Advertising" at the 1987 ND Auctioneers Convention, for their use of black and yellow ink on white paper for eye-catching appeal.
•••• Those advertising colors are a Rodin Auction trademark.••••

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